Thursday, August 23, 2007

Looks like they are headed by to Lacock Abbey in October to shoot night scenes of the next film in the Harry Potter series, The Half Blood Prince (and we know who that is!). What is Lacock Abbey? Here's what Wiki has to say:

Lacock Abbey in the village of Lacock, Wiltshire, England, was founded in the early 13th century by Ela, Countess of Salisbury, as a nunnery of the Augustinian order.

Lacock Abbey was founded by Lady Ela the Countess of Salisbury in the reign of King Henry III. Her husband was William Longespee, an illegitimate son of King Henry II. Generally, Lacock Abbey prospered throughout the Middle Ages. The rich farmlands which it had received from Ela ensured it a sizeable income from wool.

Following the Dissolution of the Monasteries in the mid-16th century, Henry VIII of England sold it to Sir William Sharrington, who converted it into a house starting in 1539, demolishing the abbey church. Few other alterations were made to the monastic buildings themselves: the cloisters, for example, still stand...
Here's what the Leaky Cauldron has to say:
Due to take place sometime in October, HBP crews will film for four days and film scenes between 5pm and 5am. The paper reports that “High Street and Church Street will be closed and the bus stop outside the George Inn looks set to be relocated for the duration.” Readers will remember that the Cloisters of this Abbey were used in “Chamber of Secrets,” famously for the "Dobby is Free" scene.
Ah yes, "Dobby is free."

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